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Oryol breed – the pride of Russian horse breeding (part 1)

The Oryol trotter breed was bred in the distant 18th century at the Khrenovsky stud farm of Count Orlov. One of the distinguishing features is the ability to frisk trot that is inherited from one generation to another. It is thanks to this fact that the breed is today called not only pride, but also a symbol of domestic horse breeding.

Photo of the Oryol trotter

The modern trotter, as can be seen in the photo, has a good physique. This small horse has a slightly dry head and a wide forehead, its profile is slightly humpy, the neck is distinguished by an excellent bend and is located high, the withers have clear lines. The croup of such an animal is sloping, the body is somewhat elongated, has strong legs. Specialists distinguish several types of exteriors of excellent representatives, which can be seen in the photo. These include dry (it is light), massive (very similar to a heavy truck) and intermediate. Despite the presence of such a variety of horse species, the blood of noble Arabian horses flows in each of them.

Oryol stallion of gray color

For a long time, the selection of this breed was carried out with an eye to its large growth. Thus, it was possible to bring out the tallest draft horse breed, the amazing beauty of which can be estimated by looking at the photo. The famous Oryol trotter is often used during crossbreeding by specialists with local horse breeds. Horses Oryol trotters are successfully used throughout our country with the goal of improving the remaining breeds and endowing them with their best qualities.

Main characteristics
Of course, no videos and photos can fully convey all the charm of the Russian draft breed, because these noble animals need to be seen firsthand.

The main colors that are found today, can be called gray, light gray, gray in apples, dark gray, red-gray, as well as bay and black. As we see in the photo and from the descriptions, gray and its variants prevail among the variety of suits. The features of this beautiful trotting horse are called not only a massive body and dry muscular build, but also a proud posture, graceful movements, magnificent magnificent mane and tail.

Oryol trotter gray in applesSpecialists note the originality of forms and harmony of the physique of this horse. It is always very large – the average weight of the Oryol trotter can reach 500-550 kg.

The height at the withers is about 157-170 cm, the total body length, if taken along an oblique line, is about 161 cm for stallions, chest circumference is 180 cm, metacarpus circumference is 20 cm.

The exterior of such an animal speaks for itself – geneticists managed to bring out the ideal harness horse, which combined all the best traits of character and appearance (as evidenced by numerous colorful photos). The horses of the Oryol breed have an energetic, but at the same time quite calm and balanced character. They are peaceful, friendly and ready to obey their owner in everything. Their representatives are currently used not only to improve other breeds, but also in running sports, tourism, for harnessing and assistance in agricultural work.

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