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Friesian breed – elegant Dutch horse (part 1)

The Friesian horse breed has an easily recognizable exterior. The following parameters are characteristic of this species:

the head is quite elongated and large with very expressive eyes. She has a straight profile with short and neat ears;
wide enough nostrils;
a long and muscular neck that has a graceful bend. The extended and developed withers are characteristic;
very powerful shoulders;
strong enough and strong back. It is long and relatively soft;
deep and strong body that has slanting shoulders. The chest is of moderate width;
croup inclined, with a low set tail.
In addition, the Friesian horse is characterized by thick, lush and long tails. The legs of the animals are very strong, long and bony with strong hooves. Photo of a horse of the Friesian breed. They have well-defined brushes. Due to the high location of the brushes, they fall down with a dense and thick cloth to the hoofs. The presence of such brushes is considered the main feature of the species.

The horses themselves are stately, in height they can reach 160-165 cm. Relating to heavy animals, the Friesian horse has a loose constitution. But this shortcoming is more than compensated by high and slender legs.

The Friesian breed of horses is an animal of black color, a white color is completely not characteristic of them. At the same time, their skin is devoid of any marks, which is clearly visible in the photo. Although there is evidence that in past centuries there was a bay and bluish color.

Friesian horses are characterized by a high and machy move, which becomes most effective when the animal goes to a lynx. Many experts attribute this feature to weak, since such a move involves significant energy costs when raising legs. A black horse of the Friesian breed

Today, the Friesian horse is considered relatively rare, which for several centuries has been able to preserve the full set of its universal characteristics. Thanks to them, animals belong simultaneously to riding and heavy-duty animals, being universal. Friezes occupy an intermediate place between the “cold-blooded” heavy breeds and animals of the Spanish type. However, these animals have a clear specialization – carriage.

As you can see, the Friesian breed of horses has a rather bright and expressive exterior. Therefore, it is easily recognizable. Friesian horse in the meadow

Features and temper
Each breed has its own characteristics and the Friesian horse was no exception. The following features are characteristic of it:

character and disposition;
brushes and mane;
The Friesian breed of horses has a memorable and proud look that is complemented by powerful legs, a straight line with a graceful curve of the neck and an almost straight profile.

Separately, it should be noted the nature of animals, which are famous for their friendly disposition. The main feature of the character of the Frisian breed is their balance. However, they are quite energetic. This feature allows you to use horses for amateur and family walks, as well as for horseback riding. A woman on a Friesian horse Animals has excellent memory, which is combined with high performance. At the same time, all friezes are very curious, which allows them to quickly and easily learn. Therefore, they are so easy to comprehend the most diverse disciplines.

The black suit in combination with a thick and lush mane, with a tail and brushes creates the impression that it was as if the animal had left the book page. It should be noted that horse breeders prefer not to cut their mane, tail and brushes. Therefore, they often grow to the very ground. As a result, when walking and running, they flow through the animal, creating a beautiful picture for the photo. It is such an original and unique appearance of animals that is the most important “calling card” of the Friesian breed.

In addition to appearance, the Friesian horse stands out for its running, which many experts also attribute to species features. These horses are moved by their characteristic high and clear gait, during which animals raise their legs high. Just because of this, many horse breeders consider the Frisians weak. However, on the other hand, due to this feature, running becomes graceful and acquires a special charm, which has found application in horse riding. Photo of the head of a Friesian horse

All the described features allow the use of Friesian horses both as pets and riding horses participating in horse races and various tournaments.

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Friesian breed - elegant Dutch horse (part 1)
The Friesian horse breed has an easily recognizable exterior. The following parameters are characteristic of this species: the head is quite elongated and large with very expressive eyes. She has…


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