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Akhal-Teke – reference riding horse (part 2)

Akhal-Teke variety of horses

Despite the fact that the Akhal-Teke residents have a rather colorful appearance and characteristic features of the exterior, they also have some individual distinctive features.

Inside the breed, experts distinguish three types of horses – the main one, whose representatives are tall and have long body lines, the middle – these horses are not as large as the first, and massive – the most wide-bodied individuals. As travelers’ notes tell us, such a division existed many years ago.

If we talk about purebred, then it is present in these animals not only because their ancestors were born in a place that was separated from the rest geographically, but also because the Akhal-Teke horse has long been the object of worship of its tribe. Of course, in the history of the breed there are significant gaps and much remains under the cover of secrecy, but it is known that these horses are very similar to those discovered as far back as 3000 BC. in the mountains of Altai icy animals. Even looking at the photos of representatives of this breed, you immediately feel the mystery and mystery.

Akhal-Teke variety of horses

A feature of these horses can also be called their similarity with the cheetah, eagle, snake. Their appearance was formed due to the characteristic features of the breed, feeding characteristics, a combination of different types of animal training. Such horses became fast, playful, hardy, they did not have excess weight and always looked fit and slender. The painstaking work of specialists allowed to bring out horses of many beautiful stripes, but the most amazing and unique in its rare beauty is Isabella.

According to a long-standing tradition, horses of this breed were widely used under saddle and on fast gait. In ancient times, these noble horses were used as war horses, they also helped during falconry, and much less often these horses served for simple trips. It is worth noting that the Akhal-Tekeans were never used to carry heavy loads. In the modern world, such elite individuals are used to participate in smooth races, much less often they can be seen in dressage and show jumping. In Turkmenistan, for these horses came up with special prizes that can only be obtained by representatives of this species.

Akhal-Teke horse

In 1960, the stallion Absinthe received the well-deserved Olympic gold, winning the dressage. Natural grace and smooth movements make these horses indispensable for performances in the circus arena and for performances in vaulting competitions. In their best physical shape, the brightest representatives of the breed are by the age of 4 years, and sometimes by the age of 6, which implies large expenses for their maintenance. The step, gallop and lynx of these noble horses are quite smooth and beautiful. The development of a graceful gait occurred among the Akhal-Teke residents in the conditions of quick desert sand. Despite the fact that outwardly these animals are elegant, they can easily tolerate various climatic conditions and quickly adapt to them.

The nature of these horses, which have long been kept in certain climatic conditions and mainly for one individual, is distinguished by an important feature – deep affection for their master. These amazing animals need an individual approach, they need to tune in to a specific owner. But if then its change occurs, then this can badly affect the psychological state of the horse. With all this, such horses are very independent, so if the rider fails to find a special approach to the horse, it is likely that the animal will behave as it sees fit.

Gray Akhal-Teke runs across the field

Akhal-Teke people are very smart, quick-witted, observant, faithful, but they are considered difficult for any of the sports. These beautiful animals have a hot and easily excitable character typical of all southern breeds, but at the same time they are not characterized by inadequate behavior or excessive aggressiveness. This is actually a horse ideally suited to any person with a whole range of positive physical and psychological qualities. A Turkmen has always chosen a horse for his heart, since with the appearance of such an animal in the family, a lot has changed in the life of its members. And the horse himself was invariably surrounded by the love and attention of his master, hence the deep devotion of the Akhal-Teke to one person.

He left the following description of horses that were used for riding by Ingush mountaineers: “Horses in the mountains are small, but hardy, light on the move” [12, p. 372].…


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