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Andalusian horse: description, character and breeding of the breed (part 2)

Breeding and use
The breeding of these elite horses continues to be dealt with by private breeders living in Spain. The majority of these purebred stallions are raised in Andalusia. There, everyone can watch how a small timid foal eventually becomes a stately and graceful horse. The Spaniards like to call the Andalusians “nuestro bondage”, which can be translated from their native language as “our horse”.

Andalusian bay with foal

When breeding animals, their maintenance is usually carried out in harsh conditions. Grazing mares occurs almost year-round. For convenience, they cut their tails and manes – so you can avoid their tangling in the thickets of bushes. It is customary to build queens in the form of a “cobra”. They are arranged by type, suit and height. Most often, at least three mares in this line are at least three, with them young animals are also grazing with them.

The jury, having examined the representatives of the species from all sides, analyzes the parameters, determines their belonging to the type, exterior, and cohesion of such a team. So in the homeland of the Andalusians, an assessment of the competent work of breeders takes place and it is revealed whether the presented horses correspond to the breed standards.

The Spaniards are very proud of their horses and continue to work to maintain and improve the appearance. The climate allows you to grow horses with good health and maintain their endurance. The main farm in which Andalusian horses are bred is the military stud farm of Jerez la Frontera in Andalusia.

White andalusian participates in the performance

Andalusians are currently constant participants in a variety of shows, parades and other important entertainment events. Circus artists like to use such beauties for their spectacular performances – since these horses are easy to train tricks and instill in them the appropriate skills. They are also used in dressage, driving, and show jumping competitions – both in sports and amateur saddles, trailers, and Western and classic saddles.

In Spain and Portugal, such a horse demonstrates remarkable courage and endurance in the face of a furious bull. This bullfight is sure to be remembered by the audience for a lifetime. The trainer takes about 6 years to prepare each animal who is honored to open the bullfight as an honored guest artist with a rather complicated performance.

Andalusian is great for all members of your family, even children should not be afraid of it. It can be recommended for beginners in equestrian sports, as this is one of the most temperamental, but at the same time tactful and intelligent stallions.

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