Akhal-Teke - reference riding horse (part 1)
The Akhal-Teke breed of horses was once so adored by people that in honor of it they created a cult and made this animal the object of their worship. This…

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Oldenburg horse breed
The Oldenburg breed is one of the oldest warm-blooded horse breeds that arose in the 17th century in a small German county (Oldenburg province, East Frisia). Named in honor of…

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He left the following description of horses that were used for riding by Ingush mountaineers: “Horses in the mountains are small, but hardy, light on the move” [12, p. 372].…

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The rarest horses of divine color isabella

There is a very beautiful ancient legend that tells us about the name of the isabella horses. According to this legend, the famous Queen of Spain, Isabella Clara Eugene, who at one time was the ruler of the Netherlands, made an interesting vow. Its essence was that she would not take off her undershirt until King Albert of Austria defeated the port located on the territory of Belgium. As a result, if you recall the historical facts, the port of Ostend was under siege for a long three years. But, since the royal underwear was made of snow-white fabrics, during this time she managed to lose her pristine virgin color.

In those same years it became fashionable to start horses that have a delicate color with cream tint. Thus, graceful English horses began to be named after the color of the queen’s underwear, and a little later the name was transformed into the Isabella breed. These incredibly beautiful horses with blue eyes and pinkish hair look very mysterious and mysterious. Isabel color is also interesting in that it is the final result of the cross-breeding of different genes.

Isabella horse with trainer

Isabella color of the horse is very rare. Such animals have a yellowish-cream color of the body, head and limbs. The skin of such noble horses is pale pink, the eyes have a beautiful blue or green tint. Experts consider the presence of magpie eyes in animals of this breed to be a rather rare occurrence. In terms of its type, the isabella horse is similar to a light nightingale, since its mane and tail have the same color with the body.

In America, the term “cremello” is used, which is the name of the red horse. We can safely say that cream color is the clearest example of incomplete albinism. As a rule, foals are born white, with delicate pink skin and beautiful blue eyes. And, if the eyes of the growing horses do not change their color, then their hair gradually becomes a certain color.

Isabella suit on the walk


The presence of dark or light brown eyes is considered to be a rather rare occurrence in isabella horses. Only by the suit of the descendants of the horses of this breed can we accurately determine whether this representative of a noble English breed was gray, red or black. The isabella gene in a certain homositic state is clarified with a special black pigment. Infrequently, a pair of identical genes meets, which is enough to form such a suit. In turn, the appearance of such genes led to the formation of other stripes: on the basis of a cream shade – saline, Akhal-Teke, palomino.

An unusual phenomenon can be called the fact that depending on the type of lighting the shade of this suit can become different – in the morning light the horse looks milky white.

In cloudy weather, her hair acquires a hue of ivory, when the sun shines brightly, the beautiful representative of the breed pleases the eye with a silver tint, and with the sunset becomes reddish. The cost of such a beauty is sometimes a fortune, rarely anyone manages to get a decent copy at an affordable price.

Isabella horse

Isabella horse is also called cream because of the shade of her skin, sometimes the coat has a delicate color of baked milk. Most breeds of horses have gray skin, and this one is pink. The main property is the presence of luxurious shine, which creates a stunning visual effect. Some people confuse an isabella horse with albinos, but in reality it has its own characteristic color. Despite the external fragility and grace of this horse, it is very physically strong, and its endurance can only be envied – it does not care for too high or too low temperature indicators.

In Western Europe, this suit is called salt and bun horses, and in Russia the name of the breed was introduced into use only in the 20th century. To buy such an animal is not easy because of its sky-high cost, but, according to an ancient legend, to its lucky owner it will certainly bring good luck in all endeavors, since the Isabella suit is akin to a snow-white pure angel – the messenger of the good news. The horses, which have a magnificent color and a crowned name, invariably attract attention to themselves at various events.

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