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Budennovskaya breed of horses

A relatively young breed was bred as a result of crossbreeding of Don and Black Sea mares with thoroughbred horse stallions (the Black Sea breed was used by the Cossacks who settled in the Kuban in the eighteenth century and was similar to the Don, but somewhat inferior to it in size and massiveness).

The aim of the selection was to create a good hardy cavalry horse. The center of the breeding program, conducted through careful selection, became the Rostov region. The best mares crossed with the best Anglo-Don stallions.

Mares were fed better and, which is unusual for Russian horse breeding of that time, were kept in stalls in winter, believing that mares would produce healthier offspring if they were not forced to spend energy so as not to freeze.

Young animals were tested on a racing circle at the age of two to four years.

The strong build of the Donetsk team and the excellent racing qualities of thoroughbred horseback riding turned out to be a good combination, and as a result, the Rostov military stud farm soon began to supply quality horses of calm temperament, which turned out to be suitable for both horseback riding and light horse riding.

Budennovskaya breed of horses

Having received the name Budennovskaya, this breed was officially registered in 1949.

When there was no need for cavalry horses and interest switched to horseback riding and sports, infusions from a thoroughbred horse again began to be made to improve the Budyonnovsky breed. Despite the fact that the influence of purebred horses is clearly visible in the general light build, the body of Budennovsky horses is noticeably heavier, while the legs are a little thin in the bone.

Today, the breed is used as a universal riding horse, especially in disciplines such as show jumping, dressage and stipples.

Interesting Facts
Russian horses are often branded with a hot iron for identification purposes. This very important type of individual identification helps in the fight against horse thieves.

Breed description
163 cm.

Mostly red, sometimes bay or brown. The wool of some Budennovsky horses has a golden sheen (inherited from the Black Sea and Don ancestors).

Budennovskaya breed of horses

Good head proportions with a straight or slightly concave profile;
long straight neck;
rather oblique shoulders with a high withers;
a relatively heavy body with a short straight back and a long croup;
slender straight legs, although a little small in the joints, and rather weak hind legs;
usually the correct shape of the hoof.
The influence of purebred horses on the modern Budyonnovsky breed is especially noticeable in the ennobled, thinner lines of the head with shiny smart eyes and moving ears. The overall addition with good chest depth and a rather oblique staging of the scapula is still inferior to the thoroughbred horse in the harmony of proportions, which is especially noticeable in the hind legs, which are slightly weak. The predominant color of the Budyonnovsky horses is red. Some specimens have an amazing golden sheen.

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